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Norfort currently has 45 Gymnasts in the Competitive Stream.

The Competitive Stream consists of our Provincial and National Program, Developmental program, and the CUBS Program.

All programs under the Competitive stream are by invitation only, through tryouts or an assessment.

Is your child interested in becoming a competitive Gymnast? Please email to ask about any upcoming tryouts or express interest.


COMPETITIVE PROGRAM (Provincial & National Level)

Competitive Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is an invite-only competitive program.

Athletes for the Competitive Program are selected from the Developmental program.

The Program consists of Provincial and National Level Athletes. Norfort currently has three High-Performance Gymnasts that compete at a national level.

Young Gymnast



Our Developmental program is an invite only Pre-Competitive program.

Athletes in the Developmental program were selected from our CUBS program or from one of our Recreation programs or tryouts.

The Developmental program is aimed at preparing Athletes for the Competitive program.

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The CUBS program is an invite-only program consisting of mainly 4-6 year olds.

Athletes in the CUBS program are selected from tryouts or from one of our Recreation programs.

This program focuses on the basic skills needed to prepare the athletes for the Developmental Program.

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