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Norfort Gymnastics Association has been a proud part of Fort McMurray for the past 40 years!!!  We are committed to the improvement of athletes and coaches in the pursuit of excellence in the city of Fort McMurray. It is the goal for all participants to learn a love for the sport of gymnastics and cheerleading, to safely develop as athletes who are fundamentally and technically sound, and to be able to compete against the best competition both locally, regionally, and nationally.

Norfort Gymnastics Association Values


  • Give fellow teammates, coaches, and the Club members respect and support them to
    your utmost in your gymnastic endeavors.

  • To provide an atmosphere of positive encouragement to all those wanting to participate
    in sport.



  • The association must ensure the safety of athletes and coaches by providing a well-structured association by

    • ensuring the coaches are trained to the highest standards and are able to effectively and safely instruct the athletes

    • effectively maintain the facility and equipment being used



  • All members including Athletes and Coaches must exhibit the same standard of behavior
    when out in public, as you do in the gym. Realize that when away from the Gym you are
    a representative of Norfort Gymnastics Association



  • Must work towards, and achieve the highest standards.

  • Must encourage both recreational and competitive member to pursue a high level of excellence



  • Act in a fair and consistent and transparent manner



  • Commit and work hard to achieve your goals and the goals of the associations

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